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Make decisions you can bank on.

As an Operations Manager, you only thought you couldn’t predict the future of your company's performance. It’s hard to pinpoint and benchmark performance when you don’t have actual data. Until you employ Genda.

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Better Data, Better Insights

Measure What You Manage.

Gain project benchmarks, measure performance, use actual data to reduce risks and get better everyday.

  • Benchmark trade performance
  • Measure planned vs actuals
  • Use data to reduce inefficiencies
Go Where No Ops Manager Has Gone Before

Not everybody has this kind of data, but you will.

Everyone’s striving to improve performance and productivity but not everyone has the data to do it. But you will. You will have actual, real time and historical data to make business decisions that feel superhuman.

Genda's suite of tools at your disposal

Tools designed to reduce waiting, guessing, and inaccurate data.

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Labor Oversight

  • Real-time trade location data: Who is on site and where are they?
  • Real-time trade activity: What activities are ongoing?
  • Schedule integration
  • Real time updates on unplanned activities
  • Project management software integration
  • Analytics-as-a-service
    • Dedicated project analyst and site specific insights
  • Unit accurate time spent per worker/sub
  • Visual heat maps of time spent on site
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Resource Management

  • Wireless Hoist calling solution
    • Wireless hoist cloud call system
    • Urgent/priority calls
    • Real time hoist location and direction
    • See and analyze wait times
    • In-service/Out-of-service reporting
  • Resource coordination solution
    • Schedule deliveries
    • Get notified on new/modified deliveries in real time
    • Calendar-based scheduling
    • Quick and easy reservations (equipment and hoist)
    • Unlimited resources
    • Accessible from mobile/tablet/PC/Office
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Digital Safety & Communications

  • Digital, customizable safety orientation (no skipping)
  • Digital, customizable  JHAs
  • See it, snap it, share it safety notifications
  • Two button emergency alert capability
  • Evacuation alerts
  • Automated severe weather alerts and updates
  • On the go location based hazard alerts
  • In-app broadcast messaging
  • Crew communication tool
  • Weekly HC reports by sub
  • Chat bot tool for the daily log

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