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Smart Job tech

No more walkie talkies, delivery confusion, or white board messes.

Call the hoist. Schedule resources. Manage safety. All from one Smart Job app. 

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digitize your safety

Implement paperless safety.

Orient workers digitally, ensuring they watch your safety videos, sign-off, and check in. All from their phones. No need for paper, files, scanning or wasted time chasing down workers.

  • Digital customizable safety orientation (no skipping allowed)
  • Digital JHAs
  • Location-based safety notifications

manage the hoist

Eliminate the wait and stop hoist drama.

No more walkie-talkies or trouble calling the hoist. With Genda's Smart Job hoist apps, workers download the app and call or schedule the hoist. The operator can see who's calling, prioritize pick-ups, monitor hoist usage data and manage usage. 

Read how ANDRES Construction used Genda's hoist app to reduce conflict and wait time, resulting in less wasted $$.

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Genda Resource Scheduling
schedule resources

Ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

  • Align on the job.  

  • Easily book resources. 

  • Understand resource utilization. 

Smart Job tools at your disposal

Digitize your job site with a suite of tools designed to reduce waiting, guessing, and inaccurate data.

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Hoist Management

  • Wireless hoist cloud call system
  • Urgent/priority calls
  • Real time hoist location and direction
  • See and analyze wait times
  • In-service/Out-of-service reporting
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Resource Scheduling

  • Schedule deliveries
  • Get notified on new/modified deliveries in real time
  • Calendar-based scheduling
  • Quick and easy reservations (equipment and hoist)
  • Unlimited resources
  • Accessible from mobile/tablet/PC/Office


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Digital Safety

  • Digital, customizable safety orientation (no skipping)
  • Digital, customizable  JHAs
  • See it, snap it, share it safety notifications
  • Two button emergency alert capability
  • Evacuation alerts
  • Automated severe weather alerts and updates
  • On the go location based hazard alerts
  • In-app broadcast messaging
  • Crew communication tool
  • Weekly HC reports by sub
  • Chat bot tool for the daily log

Genda Lite (Smart Job Tech) Pricing 

It's easy to get started. We'll give you a quick product overview and make it easy to sign-up and get going.

Genda Lite (Smart Job Tech)

Starting at $1250/month

Some key features
  • Resource Management Module

    • Wireless Hoist calling solution
    • Resource scheduling solution
  • Digital Safety Module

    • Digital Safety orientation & JHAs
    • Emergencies  and Evacuation alerts
  • Productivity Module
    • Daily log chatbot
    • Weekly HC reports
    • Site messaging
  • Limited location monitoring

Included in pricing...

Unlimited Users

Customer Support

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Floors

Optimize Production Efforts

"Genda’s solution is innovative and simple to use. Genda has given us a way to produce actionable data that is optimizing production efforts. Using Genda, we expect continued improvements in both safety and efficiency."

John Andres
Director of Technology, ANDRES Construction

The Hoist Data Reduced Waste 

"Genda's help in analyzing the hoist traffic enabled us to prove to ownership the amount of daily man hours we would lose if we lost the ability to use interior elevators for construction."


Barry Rosenburg
General Superintendent, ANDRES Construction

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