Unit level Supervision

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Actual unit-by-unit status

Start focusing on where you should be,
not where you could.

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Know what activities are underway, and where

Genda’s IOT device network collects field data from every unit and area on your project. Know where activities are happening and by whom, their progress, and if they were planned or not.

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Automatic tracking of processes on the site

The platform goes one step further and focuses management initiative by keeping track of where manager inspections have taken place, where safety hazards are located, and where progress roadblocks have been identified.

Unit level Supervision Image

Actual vs. Planned

Figure out how actual work compares to plan and receive guidance on how to proceed.

Ensure Nothing Falls Through The Cracks

Stop worrying about unscheduled tasks or overlooked inspections,
let Genda stay on top of day-to-day operations.
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