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Building Construction's ONLY Digital Field Assistant.

Use Genda to automate job site functions, gather data and then use those data insights to plan and manage your projects effectively. 

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Automate Tedious Manual Processes

Reduce paperwork, chasing signatures, manual man-power counts and more...

Workforce Monitoring

Get real time, unit specific trade data. 

Digital Safety Management

Digitize your safety operations.

Digital Resource Scheduling

Reduce Site conflicts and whiteboard messes.

Digital Hoist Management

Digitize your hoist management. Gain insights.


De-risk your budget by seeing how much Genda can save your project!

Seeing is believing. So fill out our interactive cost-savings calculator and take a look at Genda's ROI.

DOLLARS SAVED on ONE unverified change order using Genda.
LABOR HOURS SAVED per month using Genda's digital hoist management.
LITIGATION DOLLARS AVOIDED from an unverified back injury claim using Genda.

never guess on workforce data


Gain business insights with full Resource Monitoring.

Using Genda's data capturing capabilities from the full resource management suite of tools, you will have the data to inform future decisions on your projects.
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In a quick glance you can see real time site numbers and dig into data when you need more insight.



With just a few clicks you get the whole picture of what's happening on every floor without having to trek through the job site to get the numbers you need.

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Catch issues, understand who's doing what and resolve work conflicts by seeing exactly what's happening on site and where it's happening.

consolidate apps

Digitize Your Job Site with Automation Tools Built for Busy Field Teams.

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call the hoist from mobile phones


Genda Hoist Management

No more whistling, conflicts, or not so smart calling solutions. Use a digital management system workers call from their phones that optimizes hoist usage and allows the hoist operator to be more efficient in their pick-ups. 

  • Smart dispatch system
  • Mobile hoist calling 
  • No wiring or mesh network requirements

digitize your safety


Genda Safety Management

Tired of wasting time on paperwork instead of using that time to ensure safe habits on site? Use a digital safety system that allows for:

  • Mobile orientations
  • Mobile JHA/PTP/Toolbox talks distribution and signature receipt
  • Emergency PA for onsite workers
  • Safety Hazard notifications to worker phones
Safety orientation

Smartphone Upgrade - Compressed

Manage your resource schedules


Genda Resource Scheduling

Reduce trade team conflicts and alleviate delivery issues. Resource scheduling allows you to:

  • Approve all resource bookings
  • Easily track, manage, approve or deny bookings from your phone
  • Get rid of the erasable whiteboard and provide foremen with real time schedule updates and reservations

"My favorite thing about Genda is how easy it is to monitor who's in and who's out on site."

Genda's suite of tools

Tools designed to reduce waiting, guessing, tedious tasks, and inaccurate data.

Hoist Management

Wireless Hoist calling solution
  • Wireless hoist cloud call system
  • Urgent/priority calls
  • Real time hoist location and direction
  • See and analyze wait times
  • In-service/Out-of-service reporting

Resource Scheduling

  • Resource coordination solution
    • Schedule deliveries
    • Get notified on new/modified deliveries in real time
    • Calendar-based scheduling
    • Quick and easy reservations (equipment and hoist)
    • Unlimited resources
    • Accessible from mobile/tablet/PC/Office

Digital Safety & Communications

  • Digital, customizable safety orientation (no skipping)
  • Digital, customizable  JHAs
  • See it, snap it, share it safety notifications
  • Two button emergency alert capability
  • Evacuation alerts
  • Automated severe weather alerts and updates
  • On the go location based hazard alerts
  • In-app broadcast messaging
  • Crew communication tool

Labor Oversight

  • Real-time trade location data: Who is on site and where are they?
  • Real-time trade activity: What activities are ongoing?
  • Schedule integration
  • Real time updates on unplanned activities
  • Project management software integration
  • Analytics-as-a-service
    • Dedicated project analyst and site specific insights
  • Unit accurate time spent per worker/sub
  • Visual heat maps of time spent on site
  • Weekly HC reports by sub
  • Chat bot tool for the daily log

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