Get superhuman project insights.

Use a digital assistant and go from “I'm not 100% sure” to “I've got the data to show it.”

Field Teams Use Genda For:

- Real time job site data 

- Understanding plan vs actuals

- Process automation

- Risk reduction

Genda gives you answers to the job site questions and challenges that concern you the most.

Goodbye unplanned work, missed inspections, or 'showstoppers', Genda gets construction projects under control.

900K activities logged
35% Manager Time Savings
90% Worker Adoption
20% Productivity Increase

How it works?


Install IOT network -

No infrastructure, no maintenance, ready to go out-of-the-box.


Install the Genda app -

available for iOS, Android, and Desktop.


Get actionable insights

both as they occur and on-demand.


Unit level Supervision

Start focusing on where you should be, not where you could.

Real time insights

Real time insights

Construction sites are dynamic, software should be dynamic too.

Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Facilitate day-to-day reporting and leverage historical data to optimize today’s operations.

Jobsite Safety

Jobsite Safety

Encouraging a safety mindset among all site occupants: A safer jobsite is also a more productive one.

Truly a product "built by builders and for builders", Genda focuses on a minimalistic, easy-to-use approach. And by simply affixing the sensors to specific project locations (in a Do It Yourself manner), builders can start collecting data from their job sites immediately. Plus, in light of the recent pandemic (such as COVID-19), Genda provides a solution that helps companies comply with new health regulations that help keep job sites running. Overall, Genda provides a seriously great product at a cost-effective price-point that will help contractors of any size better track, deploy and manage job site resources.

- Karl Sorensen

Chief Technologist

Genda’s solution is innovative and simple to use. Genda has given us a way to comply with COVID restrictions and produce actionable data that is used for contact tracing and optimizing production efforts. Using Genda, we expect continued improvements in both safety and efficiency.

- John Andres

Operations Technology Manager, Andres Construction

"Making decisions carries risk. In construction, not making a timely decision carries greater risk. Genda provides real time data that allows us to make more timely and more educated decisions. Being able to make adjustments to schedule or identify schedule slips in real-time, with accurate data, allows more consistent schedule management."

Jeff Robinson

Project Engineer, Andres Construction

Ensure Nothing Falls Through The Cracks

Stop worrying about unscheduled tasks or overlooked inspections, let Genda stay on top of day-to-day operations.