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About us

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Easy to deploy.

Easy to use.

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Genda was founded by construction professionals for construction professionals. Our team has over 25 years of both field and office construction experience, spearheaded by seasoned construction veterans as our top advisors.

We developed Genda after witnessing firsthand the difficulties of the construction industry. Our leadership team was tired of seeing problems with no solutions, so we decided to combine our experiences and change how construction sites are managed.

Global Office

144 Menachem Begin Tel-Aviv Israel, Zip 64921

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The story

We know how difficult it is to be a construction manager, and that is why we put ourselves on a mission to make those managers' lives better.

Erez, our CEO, was a construction worker turned construction manager. He travelled between jobsites, witnessing firsthand the many failures and inefficiencies the construction industry faces and how management would address them. During his Civil Engineering studies, Erez decided to pursue these challenges as the focus of his academic research. He spoke with hundreds of construction companies and position holders across the site management chain and realized the circumstances he encountered personally were widespread and very costly.

After graduation, Erez teamed up with Eyal and Shai to found Genda and develop a product that overcomes these difficulties and makes construction managers’ jobs easier.

Our Agenda

Respect field workers.
Create value to engage.
Stay connected to the field.
Prioritize our customers.

Meet The Founders

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Erez Dror

CEO and Founder
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Shai Levy

Chief Technology Officer and Founder


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Eyal Kulik

Chief Operations Officer and Founder

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