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Supercharge your operations.

Genda was designed to help EVERY worker on site.

Unlike traditional "tracking" devices, Genda provides tools for each worker to alleviate communication issues, enhance their safety, and reduce wait times.


What happens if the worker loses cellular service?

Genda offline mode lets workers capture data without worry about Internet access. The work and documentation can continue uninterrupted, as the cloud will automatically sync when the service is restored.

What does our staff need to do to get Genda to work?

Nothing. Once our IOT devices are deployed and our app is installed on mobile devices throughout the site, the data starts flowing and processed outputs get delivered to the managers' devices.

Will we need to install expensive and delicate hardware to make Genda work?

Absolutely not, Genda's IOT devices are IP67 rated, self-powered and disposable once they've served their purpose.

Does Genda require any infrastructure on site?

No. Genda is a plug and play solution and requires no preparations on site (such as power outlets or network connections).

Does Genda’s solution require maintenance?

No. Genda’s solution is based on rugged,self powered IOT devices, with a 3 year life span.

Does this system track individuals' movements?

Our location system relies entirely on our IOT devices,so it is impossible to locate workers off-site. In addition, we process the location data to present insights on a task or unit basis, not resources. Genda’s focus is to identify the trends associated with each project and how they relate to productivity, efficiency, and safety improvements, not the individual location of each person onsite.

How does Genda protect workers’ privacy?

Our platform is subject to the highest standards of data security. As mentioned above our location system works ONSITE ONLY.We require no disclosing personal details. While we do require workers’ phone numbers for app installation purposes, this information is not visible to anyone.