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Constructing Confidence: ANDRES Construction Mastering Risk Mitigation On Site.

The ChallengeScreenshot 2023-10-19 at 11.03.50 AM-1

In the heart of Dallas, as the skyline was set to welcome the impressive 22-story High-rise Multifamily project, ANDRES Construction realized the sheer complexity of their venture. As a top-tier construction firm, ANDRES Construction prioritized safety, efficiency, and proactive risk management. They needed a platform that would complement their commitment to excellence and innovation on this large-scale project.


The solution

Understanding the need for real-time oversight, ANDRES integrated Genda into its construction management process. Genda is a resource management and labor monitoring solution for construction providing general contractors with real time and historical insights to increase project efficiency and reduce risks. Genda, using a data-centric approach, seamlessly aligned with ANDRES's vision, enabling proactive decision-making and enhancing overall project transparency.

The Results

🦺 Safer job site with better communication

Safety hazards were identified early, and communication tools helped prevent a disaster from occurring.

🔎 Data-driven decisions lead to operational excellence

With Genda's real-time location data, the project team identifies unwanted activities and optimizes their decision-making to shorten the schedule and stick with the budget

💼 Supportive reliable data to solve claims and disputes

The project team was able to use Genda's objective real-time location data as documentation of on-site activities and avoid claims and payment disputes


“Using Genda's real-time data has significantly improved our operational insights. We can now monitor processes more closely and make more informed decisions. This platform not only helps us manage current situations but also gives us foresight into potential challenges ahead.”

Director of Technology John Andres  |


Project Efficiency Through Data

Construction sites are filled with multifaceted challenges. An example that stands out was an impending delay due to elevator restrictions, which were not part of the contract, as the turnover date approached. These restrictions could significantly impede the project's progress. Genda's analysis of the hoist calling data painted a clear picture of the potential consequences: a whopping loss of 1,061 man-hours every month from increased hoist wait times, along with the associated direct costs. Armed with this data, ANDRES was able to effectively communicate the implications to the owner, resulting in the approval for elevator usage, ensuring the project remained on track.

Recently, a change order for rework was raised, outlining a certain number of man-hours that would be needed to complete the task. However, with the help of Genda's precise tracking system, ANDRES was able to determine that only 64% of the man-hours specified in the change order were actually verified as necessary. This accurate data tracking led to a significant savings, avoiding potential labor costs equivalent to 176 manhours. This instance highlights the importance of accurate data and tracking in managing projects efficiently.

The information ANDRES derived from Genda allowed them to make informed decisions, reduce potential overhead, and stay ahead of any impending challenges.


Mitigating Risk with Precision

ANDRES's dedication to ensuring the safety of its workers found a powerful ally in Genda. The platform played a pivotal role in risk management, notably by identifying and pinpointing potential witnesses during  an emergency situation and offering real-time location details for all 288 staff members. This real-time monitoring ensures that risks are immediately identified and addressed, further bolstering ANDRES's commitment to a safe workplace.

In another incident, a worker made a claim for an on-site back injury. These claims can lead to lengthy legal battles and substantial payouts. However, Genda’s meticulous data tracking revealed an absence in the worker's attendance around the alleged incident time, preventing a potential cost of $250,000. The claim was dismissed immediately upon sharing the data with the worker’s lawyer.


The Story of ANDRES Construction

Established in 1991, ANDRES is a 100%employee-owned company that has faithfully served Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston. They pride themselves on fostering and maintaining lasting relationships, working hand-in-hand with leading architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Their long list of returning clients highlights the trust and satisfaction they've built over the years.

“While our technology and machinery play a crucial role, our real strength lies in our people. Thanks to Genda, we have an added layer of confidence in ensuring the safety of every worker on-site, every day.” remarked John Andres.


Looking Ahead

With Genda’s continuous platform refinement and ANDRES’s commitment to innovation, the future looks promising. The Meletio Tower project is just the beginning. As ANDRES continues to shape city skylines, their partnership with Genda ensures that they do so with confidence, precision, and a commitment to excellence.

As John Andres puts it, 'Our work goes beyond mere construction. With Genda by our side, we're reinforcing a commitment to quality, safety, and sustainable growth.'" 

No more hide and seek.

With Genda you can see who's on site, where they are and what they are doing. Ask us how!