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Genda joins AXA XL Ecosystem as Preferred Partner

Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with AXA XL Insurance, a leading provider of global commercial insurance. Under the terms of the agreement, Genda will join the AXA XL Ecosystem as a preferred partner in a network of products and services focused on advancing technology adoption, leveraging data to solve customers’ problems, enhancing risk management and supporting business goals.

With complex builds, reduced labor force and changing regulations, the construction industry’s need for increased job-site visibility and real time data is growing exponentially. Genda’s unique resource monitoring solution uses Bluetooth sensors and smartphone apps to provide contractors with real time data to see who’s on site, where they are and what they are doing. These workforce insights help contractors see actual vs planned activities, understand labor turnover, monitor trade performance, and reduce issues around defaults and claims.

Workers are also empowered with smart site technology to promote app usage allowing them to call the hoist, check-in/out, gain access to the site, get safety alerts, communicate with their teams and more. This helps in reducing wait times, increasing site awareness, and providing more channels for effective communication.

According to Rose Hall, head of Innovation for AXA XL’s Americas region and co-founder of AXA XL’s Ecosystem, “We’re excited to welcome Genda to our Ecosystem.  We think our construction insurance clients will see tremendous benefit in Genda’s solution as they look to closely monitor and protect their assets and on-site activities.” 

Genda has been selected to help support the Ecosystem as a  resource management software solution who will work with their construction customers on increasing job site visibility and using real time data to manage trades. As part of the Ecosystem, Genda will offer cost savings for AXA XL construction insurance clients. Current clients of Genda include ENR 400 contractors as well as top tier regional builders and developers.

“AXA XL’s focus on innovation and risk management in construction is completely aligned with our mission of empowering owners, builders, and workers with project visibility and data-driven insights that inform key decisions and reduce risks.” Genda’s Co-Founder and CEO Erez Dror stated. “This partnership allows AXA XL and Genda to continue to serve construction and help support safer sites.”

Genda will be included as part of AXA XL’s Referral Program. Member companies receive Preferred Terms and Discounts on Genda’s software services.

Learn more here: Preferred Partner Detail - Smart Services PORTAL - Smart Services (


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