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digital hoist management

Reduce vertical transportation headaches 

Use a digital hoist management solution for calling and operating the hoist to reduce wait times, stop complaints, and trade team conflicts.
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manage the hoist

Eliminate the wait and stop hoist drama.

No more walkie-talkies or trouble calling the hoist. With Genda's Smart Job hoist apps, workers download the app and call or schedule the hoist. The operator can see who's calling, prioritize pick-ups, monitor hoist usage data and manage usage. 

Read how ANDRES Construction used Genda's hoist app to reduce conflict and wait time, resulting in less wasted $$.

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digital hoist efficiency

Use Smart Routing Technology

Genda's Hoist (Elevator) Calling solution allows trade workers to call the hoist from their smart phones, and helps the Hoist Operator:

  • Know who to pick up first
  • Know where to go next
  • Understand priority calls
  • Alert the site when the Hoist is down

Gather and measure hoist usage data

Using Genda as your hoist management solution you'll get detailed usage data to help inform efficiencies, issues, and planning.

  • Overall & individual hoist data/ metrics/ analytics
    • Broken down by day and subs
  • Wait time (Average & Max)
  • Total calls made
  • Total users on the hoist
  • Most visited levels and busiest times

"Genda makes it easy to get up and down the site. I wait less for the hoist."

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