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Safer Sites & More Power In Your Hands

If your site is using Genda, you have the power of a smart job site, automated Daily Logs and safety notifications, better communication channels, and faster response times.

Safety Alerts
Designed to empower workers 

Call the Hoist. Schedule Resources.

All from your phone.

With Genda's app, you are digitally empowered with tools to enable better communication, faster access to resources, better site awareness and safer job site practices. 

Call The Hoist From Your Phone
Safety & Weather Alerts
In-App Team Messaging
Tools To Manage Your Work
See What's Ahead Of You
Up To Date Site Notifications
See What's Where and When
Accurate Accounting Of Your Time
Redeem your coins in the store

Use Genda. Earn Coins!


coins   Get Rewarded for Everyday Actions.

 Earn Coins for doing the things you already do everyday. Coins can be collect for the duration of the project and used in the in- app store to purchase items or raffle tickets for big ticket items (like grills).

Earn Coins by:
  • Checking - In
  • In app messaging
  • Safety Reporting
manage the hoist

Eliminate the wait and stop hoist drama.

No more walkie-talkies or trouble calling the hoist. With Genda's Smart Job hoist apps, you download the app and call or schedule the hoist. The operator can see who's calling, prioritize pick-ups, and manage usage. 


"The app helps me, I don't have to stand and wait for the hoist, I can call on the way to the hoist and the guy shows up."

Electrician working on ANDRES Construction project
Resource Scheduling

Get What You Need To Get Your Work Done.

Idling heavy machinery, workers standing around, materials stuck at the gate. These scenarios are a nightmare. Manage the wait using Genda' resource scheduling.

  • Schedule Cranes, Hoist, Forklifts, Loading Areas Etc from the field without the need to go to the job site trailer.
  • Operations personnel from Subcontractors can utilize the console app to schedule deliveries remotely without being onsite.


Go Paperless. Reduce risks

Safety is in your hands. Where it should be.

Mobile JHAs mean no more trekking back and forth to the trailer. Get site specific safety notifications for weather, hazards, or areas to avoid.

Plus manage your certifications and earn credits towards rewards with every activity.

throw away your scanner

Digital Safety Orientations

Save time and onboard workers digitally with customizable safety modules like un-skippable videos, documents and procedures.


Safety orientation

communicate better

Site Specific In App Team Communication

Private team communication for location specific hazards or important notifications. Only message workers who are checked in and on site.


Safety Communications

no more trips to the trailer

Mobile JHAs

Save time trekking to the trailer to drop off your JHAs. Mobile JHAs are sent directly to you, and when signed off, are sent to the foreman. No wasted time. 



reach everyone quickly

Weather & Location Specific Danger Alerts

Using in app messaging, you can be sure that when there are job site scares, weather  emergencies, or potential hazards, everyone in the area of danger gets the message.



But... will they use it?

Frequently Asked Questions


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Will my trades download the app?

Our goal is to support every person on site with Genda. Unlike wearables that only track resources, we ensure the tradeworker can use the app to make their lives easier as well.

Genda was developed to provide value to each worker. We connect to the hoist to eliminate waiting via the app.  We provide a place for teams to communicate with one another and send weather updates to support safety. 

What happens if they don't have a phone?

In several cases our customers are asking subcontractors to provide disposable phones with the app installed. These are low in cost and work well.

What if they don't remember their password to download the app?

They can easily reset their passwords on whichever smartphone they are using. 

What if the workers don't want to be tracked?

Good news - we don't use GPS. We use Bluetooth technology that only manages their location while on site. And that's important for their safety and your peace of mind.

How much data does it use?

Not much. Genda uses less data than watching a video on YouTube or other video app. 

Do the workers need an email?

Nope. Genda uses phone numbers. 

Is there a drain on the battery when using the app?

There is less than 7% battery drain a day. 

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