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All-In-Inclusive Plans & Pricing

Everything is included in our pricing so you won't be surprised by additional charges.

You can start simple and expand as you need to. We hope to make installation, implementation, and activation easy breezy.

Included in pricing...

Unlimited Users

Customer Support

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Floors

Product Customization


Genda Lite (Smart Job Tech)

Starting at $1250/month

What's included
  • Resource Management Module
    • Wireless Hoist calling solution
    • Resource coordination solution
  • Digital Safety Module
    • Digital Safety orientation & JHAs
    • Emergencies  and Evacuation alerts
  • Productivity Module
    • Daily log chatbot
    • Weekly HC reports
    • Site messaging
  • Limited location monitoring

Full Resource Management

Starting at $2400/month

What's included
  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • 100% location monitoring coverage
  • Bluetooth beacon installation
  • Labor oversight solution
    • Who is on site
    • Where are they
    • What are they doing
  • Schedule integration

Making decisions carries risks.

"Making decisions carries risk. In construction, not making a timely decision carries greater risk. Genda provides real time data that allows us to make more timely and more educated decisions. Being able to make adjustments to schedule or identify schedule slips in real-time, with accurate data, allows more consistent schedule management."

Jeff R.
ANDRES Construction, Project Engineer

We're getting better insights.

“We are implementing Genda on our job sites to get better insights into what is going on in the field. It allows us to see who was where and for how long, something that we used to rely heavily on the manual daily report process to find out. We are now able to use this data to improve workflow and logistics in real time, as well as to solve issues that may arise weeks or months later."

John Andres
ANDRES Construction

Genda's suite of tools at your disposal

Tools designed to reduce waiting, guessing, and inaccurate data.

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Labor Oversight

  • Real-time trade location data: Who is on site and where are they?
  • Real-time trade activity: What activities are ongoing?
  • Schedule integration
  • Real time updates on unplanned activities
  • Project management software integration
  • Analytics-as-a-service
    • Dedicated project analyst and site specific insights
  • Unit accurate time spent per worker/sub
  • Visual heat maps of time spent on site
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Resource Management

  • Wireless Hoist calling solution
    • Wireless hoist cloud call system
    • Urgent/priority calls
    • Real time hoist location and direction
    • See and analyze wait times
    • In-service/Out-of-service reporting
  • Resource coordination solution
    • Schedule deliveries
    • Get notified on new/modified deliveries in real time
    • Calendar-based scheduling
    • Quick and easy reservations (equipment and hoist)
    • Unlimited resources
    • Accessible from mobile/tablet/PC/Office
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Digital Safety & Communications

  • Digital, customizable safety orientation (no skipping)
  • Digital, customizable  JHAs
  • See it, snap it, share it safety notifications
  • Two button emergency alert capability
  • Evacuation alerts
  • Automated severe weather alerts and updates
  • On the go location based hazard alerts
  • In-app broadcast messaging
  • Crew communication tool
  • Weekly HC reports by sub
  • Chat bot tool for the daily log

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